Spider-Man Meme To Come To Life?


I mean this is some of the biggest news I’ve ever stumbled upon on Twitter….

I don’t know how true this is yet but can you imagine? We may actually get the Spider-Man meme in real life.

I’m a big Marvel guy and the idea of all the universes being connected and it actually happening is awesome. Again, I’m not saying this is confirmed but just the thought of it is awesome.

Tobey was the Spider-Man I grew up with and his OG movie is still one of my favorites. I wasn’t a big fan of either of the Andrew Garfield movies but they weren’t horrible. So far I have LOVED the Tom Holland movies and he’s been really good in the role.

I am super hyped for the next edition of Spider-Man and I have really high hopes for the movie. Spider-Man has always been one of my favorite superheros. Also, if they get all three of these guys in a movie and don’t recreate the meme it’ll be a huge disappointment.

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