Doc Rivers Hires David Joerger As Assistant Coach

AJ Torres

Finally we have some traction of moves being made towards Doc’s staff. Hiring Joerger in my opinion is an A+ hire. He’s similar to Rivers in the fact he takes no bullshit. He’s stern and likes things done the correct way, which is why I believe he is a good hire.

The only downfall I see to the hire is what does that mean for a potential Buddy Hield trade? As we all remember Joerger and Hield had major beef when he was the Head Coach of the Kings. That being said Buddy Hield also had his best season under Joerger averaging 21 ppg and 5 rpg. So does this mean it’s off the table, or does Doc not really care about past issues between the two?

Regardless, I believe the hire speaks volumes on the type of staff he wants for the Sixers and that is hard nosed and tough guys who will coach these guys into the best possible players they can be.

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