BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky “Review”

If you know me then you know that I graduated high school without taking a foreign language class. You would know this because I bring it up far more then I should. I genuinely think it’s funny, it is a requirement to graduate and they just never made me or double checked. I’m chuckling about it as I write this. I know, you’re asking yourself “Why the fuck does he think I care about this?” Trust me I know you don’t. 1. Like I said it makes me laugh so I like telling people but 2. I feel like the guy who didn’t take a foreign language liking Kpop is just an uncommon combo.

Back to the point of the blog, BLACKPINK. This is the group that is the reason I like Kpop at all. They’re fucking massive, globally. They rarely do features with other artists but made songs with Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez. They’re your favorite pop artists favorite artist

In Korea they put out music and become/develop artists and groups way differently then we do here. These record labels from like 10 years old and up basically take care of the kids, housing, schooling and training. A lot of training. They’ve put out a couple EPs and they’ve done singles and massively successful music videos but they just released their first album exclusively on Spotify. You know what’s great about releasing your first album? When Netflix drops a movie about you two weeks afterwards.

It just came out and I do really recommend watching it so I won’t spoil the movie but it basically takes you through their life and their career so far. I’d recommend it to anyone but if you’re interested in the behind the scenes of the making of one of the biggest pop groups in the world, it’s a must watch.

I usually don’t care much about artists, like I enjoy their music but it ends there. With them for some reason I feel a connection, which you hear people say about like the Stones or OutKast etc, groups they can relate to. I am not a Korean girl so we don’t have much in common off rip, I mean if I think about it I think I’ve only ever even had one Asian friend and he was Japanese. So for me to feel a connection with a group of girls across the world when I can’t understand half of what they say in their songs should say something. I don’t know what it says but it says something.

It’s just over an hour long, go watch BLACKPINK Light Up The Sky on Netflix and learn a little about Jennie, Lisa, Rosè and Jisoo (most of it is in English and it has captions).

Here’s a few songs:

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