Avalanche Throwing It Back For 25th Anniversary?

Intern Mitch

Soooooooo, Nathan MacKinnon posted this on Instagram.


This year is the Colorado Avalanche’s 25th season in Colorado, meaning that I also turn 25 soon. Getting old. There was a ton of speculation that with the anniversary that there might be a nod to their former selves. This has a surprising Philadelphia connection. You may or may not remember, but the Flyers traded two Stanley Cups to Quebec back in the 90’s. I mean sorry, The Flyers traded a bunch of assets for Eric Lindros. I love Lindros, my midget number was 88.

Avalanche “Nordiques” jersey could be in the works for 25th anniversary  season, according to report – The Denver Post

But we are talking about the Nordiques. These gloves are way to bright to be the Avalanche’s regular unis.

Carolina Hurricanes: Stadium Series Jersey Do's and Don'ts

It could be an update to the awful jersey we saw at the Stadium Series, but I do not think so. I think this is a tease to a future reveal of Colorado Avalanche/ Quebec Nordiques Throw Back Jerseys.

Avs Twitter is exploding right now in excitement, or just a build up of disappointment.

We probably won’t hear more till closer to December, cause this stuff will sell good or bad.

-Branded Mitch

Featured Image- Sports Net

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