Mark Sanchez Was Just Revealed As The “Baby Alien” On The Masked Singer: Yes, A Real Headline

Truly a combination of words I never thought I would be putting together for a blog headline but there is not a typo there, Mark Sanchez himself was just revealed as the Baby Alien on The Masked Singer.

As the reality show expert here at Branded Sports I have to admit I do not watch a second of this show but I probably spend 4-6 hours a week on The Masked Singer Reddit page because I am addicted to spoilers. To me, finding something out before it has happened is pure white crack cocaine. Is that a thing? If I could snort Masked Singer spoilers on a Wednesday night I would promptly be sat down by my friends and family members for a spoiler intervention.

There is no one on planet Earth and on whatever planet this Baby Alien is from that guessed this was none other than Mr. Butt Fumble himself Mark Sanchez.

Bold choice for Fox considering the demographics of this show I’m not sure many 65 year old mothers of 3 know of Mark Sanchez but you can almost guarantee his Google searches are going to see a huge spike tonight. You just wait until these ladies discover the butt fumble. The only clue that would have undoubtedly given his identity away. What else would anyone know about Mark Sanchez other than that?

There was obviously stock video footage used for the audience reaction because a. there’s no audience b. Mark Sanchez has never received that reaction from an audience.

My favorite part of the reveal is when Nick Cannon claims this is “NFL star quarterback” Mark Sanchez in front of us. It would have been more accurate to simply say “the man who’s jersey is tattooed on Rex Ryan’s fat arm”.


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