Ummm, Miles Sanders Has Been Bad This Year, According to 97.5’s Tyrone Johnson

AJ Torres

This has got to be the most bone headed comment of the football season. I can’t even begin to fathom in what world has Miles Sanders been bad this season. He’s averaging 5.2 yards per carry on 62 rushing attempts with 3 rushing touchdowns, which equals the same amount he had last season.

To be ignorant to the fact that the Eagles o line is depleated and just flat out say he’s been bad angers me. On top of the o line being depleated, Doug Pederson is being Doug Pederson and not giving Sanders enough touches to find any rhythm. For Sanders to be averaging 5.2 yards per carry on the amount of attempts he’s gotten is far from “bad”.

Miles Sanders is the best back we’ve had since Westbrook and it’s not even close. For Tyrone Johnson to make sucha moronic statement gets my blood boiling. I can’t wait til Sanders rushes for over 100 yards this week and Tyrone has to eat his words and gets eaten alive by Eagles Nation!!!

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