Too Hot To Handle Star Harry Jowsey Donates To COVID Relief

Just kidding he’s bragging about being celibate for the rest of 2020 (a whopping 2.5 months). According to Harry it was boring having sex with multiple models and having to reject their advances daily in his Instagram DM’s. And if you don’t believe this secondhand account here’s a TL;DR courtesy of the Daily Mail

‘I’ve been avoiding girls. I’m on a sex ban. For some reason I was just like, “This is boring.” Sex is fun, but it’s so stupid,’ he said. 

He then offered raunchy details about a woman he was previously seeing.

‘I told her, “Please, I don’t want to have sex with you ’cause then it’s going to program me that every time you come over we’re just going to f**k,”‘ he said.

He added that he had no choice but to block the woman on social media after they had sex, because he’d broken his vow.

‘So here we are in bed. She starts kissing me. What happens? We have sex. And now I’ve blocked her. I don’t talk to her anymore,’ he said.

‘I don’t think a lot of guys do it [celibacy]. It turns on girls a little bit because it’s just like, “This guy is trying to focus on actual s**t instead of just seeing sex as a sport.”‘

Harry said he does often get hit on by Instagram models, but he just doesn’t care and ignores their advances.

Salud to Harry for being able to be so open and honest (and humble) while on the “How To Life” podcast.

It takes a big man to tackle the issue of celibacy and I’m glad to see Harry is going at it head on.

Here’s to hoping Harry can avoid herpes having sex until 2021!

Featured image via Evening Standard (LINK)

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