The Eagles Need Le’Veon, But Not For The Reason You May Think

There you have it. Adam Gase somehow made it longer as a Jet than Le’Veon Bell.


Now, it’s time to do what Eagles fans do best: get attached to the shiny new toy that hit the sale rack!

I’ll be the first to go for it. The Eagles need Le’Veon Bell. And it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with the play of Miles Sanders.

The argument raging on Twitter about Miles Sanders having a bad year kind of deflects from the real issue. You guys are arguing about recycling a plastic straw while billion dollar corporations blast toxic smoke in the OZone.

The pressing problem in the running back room? Corey Clement and Boston Scott are giving you nothing this year. Zilch. They have three young running backs on the practice squad. Only one, Adrian Killins, has seen game play this year. If all the bullets in the clip are duds right now, you may need new ammo.

In steps Bell, providing depth at a position that it’s needed. Wait sorry, let me not get ahead of myself. “Depth” is when you have multiple players at the same position who are talented.

But seriously, aside from maybe interior defensive line, where do the Eagles have it? If you say quarterback, so help me God, I will haunt you in a mirror like Ms. Clayton’s ex-fiancé in Haunting of Bly Manor.

The Eagles can get that depth with Bell as a solid RB2 who should have some left in the tank. It’s a safer bet that he can still be productive and his lack of production recently was caused by the barren wasteland Adam Gase calls an offense. Ask Robby Anderson how things are going without Gase. Or Devante Parker. Then ask Bell three months from now.

The Eagles were reportedly in on cheap veteran running backs in the off-season such as Carlos Hyde and Devonta Freeman. They’ve now been granted another chance on landing one in the form of Le’Veon. All the risk has been removed due to the Jets incompetence.

  1. They wouldn’t have to sacrifice a draft pick
  2. It’s past the point they’d have to sacrifice a compensation pick
  3. He will likely be on a cheap deal, like they were willing to do with Carlos Hyde (and admitted they wanted to do)

At this point, Le’Veon Bell is an RB2. It’s up to him whether he accepts that or not. Or if he’d be willing to bet on himself again. It worked so well the first time.

Le’Veon has a new lease on life, and the Eagles have a new chance at depth.

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