Jim Schwartz Took A Shot At Doug Pederson During His Presser

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Well well well, as the most famous Mike we know once said,

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During Jim’s press conference he was asked about the make up of the team and the roster and he had two very interesting things to say about it.

Ok so Jim doesn’t make those calls. That’s fair I guess. Naming your two bosses as the ones that do make those calls is a little ballsy but I can understand it. But when you par that up with this:

That’s an official ‘shots fired.’ What Jim is saying is this, ‘hey you don’t like that I put a linebacker on that play? Well if the guys that make the roster decisions would pay some good linebacker we wouldn’t be in this position.’

Another way to put is this, ‘you don’t like it go ask Doug.’

Wild move for a guy that has had an almost dead last in the league defense this year. You don’t like the depth at linebacker? Ok cool, how about the fact you throw out there the most predictable defense on the planet? If anyone thinks this defense is struggling because of one position is just drinking the Schwartz Kool-aid.

Guy stinks, this is a bad move by him and it almost guarantees he is donezo before the season is over.

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