Champions Hockey League Cancels Upcoming Season

Intern Mitch

If you aren’t quite sure what the Champions Hockey League is, its honestly one of the coolest tournaments in sports. It is played with 32 teams from 12 different leagues, and teams only qualify on sporting merits. They only allow 5 teams per country, and the previous winner is automatically invited.

Teams from all across Europe are invited. Some of the Leagues are the SHL, Liiga, ELG, NLA, DEL, BXL, and EIHL.

CHL History: Season 2018/19

Well sadly it was announced today that the season will be canceled due to the uncertainty regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic. Reading the Q&A with CEO Martin Baumann about the cancelation, it was not a decision that they made easily given how exciting the tournament always is.

Several matchups would be impossible to be made due to travel restrictions.

They are planning to hold the annual tournament during the 2021-2022.

Sad day hockey fans.

-Branded Mitch

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