Scumbag Cowboys Fan Got Hit With One Of The Hardest ‘This You?’ You’ll Ever See


Most Cowboys fans are scumbags, that is just the way it is. Eagles fans are dirtbags, Lakers fans are the most annoying people on the planet and Cowboys fans are scumbags. If we all just embrace ourselves we’ll live a much happier life.

Yesterday if you some how missed it Dak was carted off the field after a brutal ankle injury.

Guy was on a tear this year, on pace to finish the year with over 6,000 yard passing. As he was being carted off the field he was very emotional and rightfully so, he was facing North and his toes were pointing East. I’d be a little upset as well. And even though he plays for the team I hate more than any team on this planet. You hate to see a guy get injured like that and you shouldn’t celebrate an injury. Just a pussy move.

But Twitter is a place we’re the bottom of the barrel humans hang out so of course there was some Philly fans happy to see the injury. And let me throw a quick disclaimer out there. If you have a funny joke, you can joke about anything. But if the joke isn’t funny or you truly just happy seeing a guy get his foot bent backwards, you’re a foul human being.

One Cowboys fan, Honest Gabe, saw Eagles fans celebrating and needed to make a statement:

This now deleted tweet actually makes a fair point. Don’t make (unfunny) jokes or celebrate a guy getting injured. It’s in poor taste and you look like a dickhead.

Buuuuuuuuuutttttt, you can’t make that statement when you’ve got this floating around your timeline.

Yikes. Honest Gabe getting dunked on harder than you know who, by you know who’s mom. Once again, you want to put Carson’s face on Mr. Glass’ body. Do it. But ACL take it a bad one, real bad.

I haven’t looked but I’m sure this tweet is also deleted already. So whatever you do don’t tag him in this and drop a gif like ‘people don’t forget’ from Superbad. That would be mean to honest Gabe.

Also shout out Willy, doing God’s work. Keep it up and Go Birds

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