Jim Schwartz Should Be Fired For This Tweet Alone

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If you are a fellow Philadelphia Eagles fan like myself and you’re not 100000% out on Jim Schwartz, not sure what you are waiting for. The guy has built one of the more predictable defenses in the league. Yeah they get sacks…awesome. You know what they don’t get, turnovers. This team is 31st in the NFL when it comes to creating turnovers. You probably don’t need me to tell you this but I will, that is embarrassingly bad.

Yesterday’s game, Jim decided, on the most important play of the game. To put a linebacker on a kid that had already scored 3 touchdowns. Spoiler alert, things didn’t go well.

That is unexplainable. You just can’t do that and the worst part is, everyone and their mother, EXCEPT Jim knows that. Time to go. Not sure why Doug is keeping him around, I assume so he has scapegoat but it’s time to nut up Pederson.

So that’s how I felt after the game yesterday. It was so painful that it actually didn’t hurt. Just numb to this team at this point. But then this morning I saw this tweet.

Nope. No. Noda. Hate everything about this. Sidney Jones couldn’t find his fitting at all here. Goes to the Jags and in his first start has a pick and four pass deflections. I’m out. Can’t stand watching guys leave Philadelphia and thrive. I know Jim didn’t directly have anything to do with how Sidney Jones played yesterday but in a way he did. Gotta go. Can’t have it, won’t have it.


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