Dwight Howard Accidently Leaked His Messages On IG Live

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Dwight Howard, guy just can’t win. He could have been one of the most dominating players of his time and he is just a joke. Even when he just won a championship, he still finds away to get clowned on. Even though I will say, it’s his wife that looks like the ass hole here.

Dude is trying to celebrate winning an NBA title and his wife hit him with the, ‘go have fun.’ If your girlfriend/fiancée/wife ever says go have fun. Don’t. That is on the mount Rushmore of passive aggressive comment. Right up there with, ‘no, I’m fine’ and ‘k.’ Seems like she was rooting for the Lakers to get eliminated so he’d get sent home. Now that the tournament is over and COVID will no longer get them suspended, they had to have gone insane last night. JR Smith probably had 5-7 strip clubs’ addresses saved in his phone just waiting for the final whistle to blow.

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