The Good and Bad Reactions From the Eagles Loss In Pittsburgh


Classic Philly game, huh?

People thought this was going to be an L. It felt that way in the third quarter. The Eagles then go full tilt, gain all the momentum…and then lose in the most disappointing way imaginable.

If you’re someone who doesn’t care about moral victories, that’s fine and I feel you. But I thought there was a lot of good that came out of that game.

That was the most competent this offense has looked all year. The Travis Fulgham thing is hilarious. Last year, Greg Ward being a practice squad hero was unrealistic enough but now Fulgham is putting up Deandre Hopkins numbers:

Travis Fulgham: 10 Rec, 152 Yards, 1TD

Deandre Hopkins: 6 Rec, 131 Yards, 1TD

Obviously joking and it’s only one game. But it seems like they’ve found something in the connection with the ODU diamond in the rough and Carson Wentz. I’ve longed believed that Wentz likes throwing to big bodied receivers. You seem him release high a lot. Having a long armed, tall receiver who go gets it is huge for Wentz.

If you’ve ever pitched for a baseball team, who was it easier to hit the strike zone with? A taller guy, or some tiny little runt? The same logic applies here (says me who thinks he’s in Carson’s brain).

And speaking of Carson he played well. He threw two picks which nay-sayers will use against him. The one to Ertz was a clear illegal contact that got missed. The other was a heaved prayer on 4th & 20 when the O Line was under siege.

As for the O Line, thought they actually played “well” considering the circumstances. People don’t come into Heinz Field and win the battle in the trenches against the Steelers defensive line. It’s been that way since like, when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

The early sacks were coverage sacks. The late ones were the Steelers being up 8 and getting to pin their ears back. It just feels like the more these guys play, the less rigid the offense becomes.

Now, to the bad stuff because the offense certainly still feels rigid. Look at all those fly sweeps the Steelers ran. The underneath routes to get players in space. They keep you off-balance in the run/pass balance. Can you look across the field and say the same for the Eagles? Doesn’t help when half your team spends its time in the medical tent. But TRY to make Wentz’s life easier.

To the REALLY bad stuff. Jim Schwartz did a complete 180 from last week. He went from one of his best games to just completely out coached with the cherry on top being the Nate Gerry vs Chase Claypoool matchup on 3rd & 11.

This Eagles fan base treats Nate Gerry like Lakers fans treat Danny Green. But the difference is Gerry shouldn’t be in these positions. Micah Parsons could walk on that field tomorrow and be the best linebacker on the Eagles. So why is Gerry matched up with Claypool with the game on the line?!

The Eagles have ignored certain personnel for far too long including linebacker. The coaches and front office have put people like Nate Gerry in a position to fail time and time again.

Speaking of failures! Chase Claypool is literally the player the Eagles front office thought they were getting when they talked themselves into JJ Arcega-Whiteside. It’s hilarious.

To cap this rant off, did anyone else feel like the broadcasting and officiating was so bad there were times you wanted to turn this game off despite your unrelenting love for the Eagles?

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