Lakers Win Number 17

No matter what you want to say about Lebron, the Lakers or this broken ass 2020 season the LA Lakers are on top of the world for the first time in ten years. Salute to Miami and Jimmy Butler for putting up a fight when everyone, including myself, thought the Lakers would sweep them.

Lebron moves to 4-6 all time as he adds another title. As much as I talk shit and no matter where you rank him if he’s not in your Top 3 you’re lost doesn’t matter. I’ll never stop the Lebron slander but his greatness really can’t be questioned.

I don’t think you can take anything away from the Lakers, a lot of people will say this championship means less or doesn’t count. Those people didn’t watch this team in the bubble. This year has been royally fucked but everyone that mattered was given the same opportunity to make the playoffs and win the Larry O’Brien trophy but only one team could.

AD got robbed of FMVP though.

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