J.T. Realmuto Will Be A Yankee

It’s October, the Phillies aren’t playing baseball, they fired their GM, and yet still the best catcher in baseball still doesn’t have a new contract. That’s right J.T. Realmuto has yet to be re-signed by the Phillies and who knows if they’ve even made him an offer or if they will at all. The longer this thing goes the more likely it looks like there will be a new catcher behind the plate for the Phillies and that’s not great.

You know what also isn’t great for the Phillies? Last night the New York Yankees were eliminated from the MLB playoffs by the Tampa Bay Rays as their offense failed to show up when it mattered most again. Typically, I’d be dancing on the grave of Yankee fans because even with the unlimited money they have they still can’t buy a championship. However, them not winning this year and the lack of production from one of their key players has me worried. Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez stunk up the joint again this postseason and was benched for the last three games of the series.

Sanchez has been historically bad in the postseason and this year was no different. On top of struggling to hit, his play behind the plate hasn’t been too hot either. Here are Sanchez career numbers for the playoffs…Yankee fans you may want to look away…

BIG YIKES. I mean yeah he has 7 home runs and 19 RBIs which isn’t horrible but look at that batting average. .173?!?!? Are you kidding me that’s horrible, I’m not dumb enough to say that I could do better than that with my 9 years of little league experience but I might be willing to take my chances. He is 27 years old and just hasn’t been showing the type of improvement that the Yankees or their fans want to see.

What does this have to do with J.T. Realmuto? Well, the Yankees clearly have a need at the catcher position as Sanchez clearly just isn’t cutting it anymore and they are always in win now mode. Realmuto wants to get paid and rightfully so, he is the best catcher in baseball and is still only 29. I can see it now, the Phillies front office is not going to offer him a contract that he wants and they will let him test the free agent market. Then boom, here comes Brian Cashman with an armored truck full of money to J.T. Realmuto’s front door.

I will be shocked if the Yankees aren’t the first team just waiting for Realmuto to hit free agency. They are going to offer him more money than he can count and the Phillies are going to lose the best catcher in baseball. The city will be pissed, Bryce Harper will demand a trade, and baseball will be irrelevant in Philadelphia once again.

God, I hope I’m wrong…#SignJT


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