Trailer For #FatMan. A Movie About Murdering Santa Clause

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First thing I thought before clicking was, this can’t be real. Has to be one of those fake movie trailers made up of clips from actual movies. Like when they turn comedies into suspenseful thrillers. Or it is going to be real but it’s going to be a bunch of no named actors in some indie film. Nope. That’s Mel Gibson, an actual celebrity. And also that guy that played the trans woman with the monster cans in Sons Of Anarchy.

The Trailer is 2 minutes and 19 seconds long. The reason I bring that up is because :30 in you’re thinking ‘this is so stupid, how did they green light this?’ But by the end you’d be lying if you tell me you weren’t thinking ‘I might have to see this.’ Not because it’s going to be some Academy award winner. No you need to see this so you don’t miss out on a moment in history.

This movie is going to be an amazing trivia question one day. ‘Mel Gibson plays a gun waving Santa out for vengeance and blood in this 2020 blockbuster smash hit.’

‘What is Fat Man Alex?’

I’m seeing this movie if it’s the last thing I do. If COVID comes back full force this winter and we are all force to stay at home again. I don’t care. I’m breaking into an AMC and having myself a private screening of Fatman. I just love saying/writing that title too. Fatman.

PS: Playing Jesus and then Santa. Gibson owns December

PPS: Shoutout Ben Shapiro. It’s called range. Look it up.

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