The Bachelor’s Madison Prewett Is Dating Denver Nuggets’ Michael Porter Jr

Looks like Madison has made the jump from the absolute squid that is Pete the Pilot to an active NBA player, Denver Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr.

Allegedly MPJ and Madison have been seeing each other since before he entered the bubble for the playoffs. The last anyone seemed to notice Madi was making it well known she was watching the Nuggets Jazz series, which really doesn’t mean too much since we know how much Madison likes basketball. She makes it very well known in every single Tik Tok, every episode of the Bachelor and if you didn’t know her dad coaches at Auburn. Could have been simple game tape review.

Now, Reality Steve is reporting the two were spotted out in Missouri last night living the high life holding hands in a random Mexican restaurant parking lot.

Michael Porter Jr is someone who would be exponentially hotter if he never opened his mouth. Which is really why him and Madison make an adorable couple. Both are borderline problematic, extremely religious and honestly seem super boring. MPJ made headlines this summer for coming out as an anti-vaxxer who thinks the coronavirus is being used as population control.

Bachelor fans will remember Madison holding strong on her virginity after being the final choice for well-known sex haver Pete the Pilot.

Oddly in looking for more history on these two I discovered MPJ previously dated an actress named Madison Pettis that he met over Instagram DM so I am now convinced that he is only dating Madison so he doesn’t have to remember another girls name. He’s the type of guy to believe that it is some universal power that he must only date Madison P’s.


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