More Free Winners Then You Can Count

I know what you’re asking yourself. “Eddie, why are you giving more picks?” “Eddie, doesn’t Branded have a sports betting radio show every Saturday 11-12 on AM1490? Why are you giving picks?” “Hey doesn’t Stevie Stats host a gambling livestream every Monday and Wednesday?” “Eddie, Walsh just gave us his weekly winners, does he know what he’s talking about?”

Listen, Stats is a weirdo but that man knows how to pick winners.

Walsh is a great guy and he’s either rain man with his picks or he can’t figure out how to place the bet. If he doesn’t tell you what he likes he’ll go 14-1 and if he texts you a pick just fade it on sight.

Kevin and CEO Joe do a great job making entertaining radio and basically handing out free money on Saturday mornings. Joe either has insider info on these games or he’s actually the greatest gambler I’ve ever seen.

The NE Degenerates give out two weekly parlays at like +1100 odds each week. They’re fucking mad men.

Branded is, was and will continue to be all in on gambling. A year ago I hosted a gambling show with Gamblin Dan. Branded makes great content in every realm and gambling is something most of us love to do so it comes naturally. Now, why should you take my picks over someone else’s? I don’t know, take the picks don’t take the picks it doesn’t affect me but take at least find your favorite Branded gambler and take their picks so you don’t look like a moron on Twitter.

Not my pick but I do love this and I’m taking it. I thought the series was going to be over last night but I was wrong, now Stantons gonna hit a 500 footer right in my dumb face. I like Yankees -1.5, I’ll probably stay away from that pick just because Game 5 anything could happen, Tampa is a good ass team.

If you’re unfamiliar with how I gamble I am the complete opposite of CEO Joe. He looks at trends and I’m a gut guy. Maybe that’s why he’s the CEO and I’m just some schmuck but we ride with our guts out here.

I love Rams this week against Washington. I think the Rams are a good team and might miss the playoffs because they’re in the best division in the league and Washington just made their starter a third stringer after one of his best games this year. The line is -7.5 I think I’m gonna buy it at -6.5, it loses a little juice but if the Rams only win by 7 somehow I’d end it all.

Panthers are +1.5 against Atlanta, I’m gonna hop on Carolina ML. I got it at +106 so basically a pick em but Atlanta STINKS. If someone tells you to take the Falcons block their number. Even if this pick is wrong I’m still right.

KMess just texted me Whitey Ford died (RIP), I’m honestly not sure who that is but he said right after Cole is gonna go 9 scoreless followed by AJ saying he’s heavy on the Rays ML. So, we’re hopping in on Yanks -1.5.

Colts are -1 against the Browns in Cleveland and maybe I’m way off but I love the Browns here. I’m super low on Indy and the Browns have impressed me each week. I would say Browns +1 and sprinkle a little bit on the Over, it’s at 47.5 right now.

Now last pick I’ll give is a parlay. Not stepping on NED but I do like to do a ml parlay for the Sunday games.

This week we are rocking with Chiefs, Ravens, Rams, Browns and Seahawks ML for +351. Four of those are free wins and there some risk with the Browns but like I said earlier I like this team. They’re another team who would be in the playoffs if they were in a shittier division.

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