Here’s What Ian Rapoport Posted That Got Him Suspended

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If you’re anywhere near NFL twitter right now, you saw the Rap bomb that was just dropped outta no where.

So what was it he posted? What could he have possibly done that got him suspended by the NFL for two weeks? Well I hope you’re sitting down for this. Are the kids asleep? If not cover their eyes. Trigger warning in full effect.






Here it is……

This picture Rapoport had also tweeted out and no deleted. This is the only thing that he did that could be remotely close to an issue so we’re putting 2 and 2 together here and saying this must have been it. The big problem here though is that this picture was already floating around twitter before Rap tweeted it. It wasn’t like he was just tossing it out there all willy nilly.

And if you’re problem is that he tweeted a picture of the Titans doing something they shouldn’t be doing. Than who you’re really mad at is the Titans.

More details to come but until then #FreeRap

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