The Draft Flyers Fans Have Been Waiting For

Intern Mitch

Wow what a day yesterday was, before two picks were even made we had four trades. Not a whole lot of players moving around, but reshuffling of picks and moving depth pieces around. We still did not get Laine, but honestly, I feel like we may have drafted one. Besides Ottawa and Detroit, it seems like the Flyers may have one the hell of a draft on A+ scouting alone.

This was an underrated draft for the Flyers, they really snagged some great players, and possibly some elite goal scorers.

Tyson Forester6-2/ 194 pounds RW 23 Overall

2020 NHL draft: Flyers take Tyson Foerster with 23rd overall pick | RSN

This kid right her, can shoot the freaking puck. He arguably was the most talented winger in the draft, and he fell to the Flyers at 23 for no other reason than this was just an insanely DEEP draft. He had a scoring revolution last year for the Barrie Colts, putting up 80 points in 62 games. He’s only 18, turning 19 when the NHL season is supposed to start, so we are a few years away from seeing him in Philadelphia, but you better believe I will be frequenting many a Phantoms games to watch this guy play. He has an elite shot, and is expositive of any open space that is given to him. Not if, when he gets into the NHL, the Flyers will have a dangerous 1-2 punch with Farabee and Forester. I like the sound of that.

Emil Andre 5-8/ 181 pounds D 54th overall

Emil Andrae Scouting Report: 2020 NHL Draft #43 - Last Word on Hockey

Now this guy right here may be the defensemen Flyers fans have been looking for, but right now its a little to hard to tell. He was described as a modern, mobile, offensively minded defensemen. Watching some of his tapes last night when I should have been studying for a midterm, this guy is so calm with the puck it is terrifying. He’s a smaller defensemen, but looking at how well players like Sam Girard can play when given the tools to use his craft, that shouldn’t be a problem in Philadelphia. Reading some of Fahr’s comments on the draft, they were actually surprised that they got him at 54. Again, won’t see him for a little while, the Flyers have sort of a log jam on defense right now, even with Nisky hanging them up.

Zayde Wisdom 5-10 195/ pounds, RW 94th overall

Zayde Wisdom - 2020 NHL Draft Prospect Profile

Alright now listen, he is almost the same player as Tyson but with a less lethal shot. Zayde Wisdom is the kind of person Flyers fans will love. He has an incredible work ethic, obviously appearing in anything you see him in. He is unbelievably motivated. The Flyers actually moved up to snag him at 94, another steal in my opinion. The Flyers gave up 116 and 147 to get him. Almost as soon as the Flyers picked him, Flyers fan favorite Wayne Simmonds dropped a bomb on social media. High praise for the young winger. With Wayne Simmonds as a mentor, I think this kid will be making a impact in the Flyers organization sooner than later. He put up 59 points in 62 games last season for Kingston in the OHL.

Elliot Desnoyers 5-10/ 183 pounds LW 135th overall

Player - Neutral Zone

Some clubs are scared of the Q and I don’t understand why, the produce some really good players. Elliot spent the last two seasons with the Montcon Wildcats, putting up 23 goals and 43 assists in 122 games. He is not nearly as flashy as the other two wingers they drafted in this draft but he has tremendous upside. He was on some strong Wildcats teams, and now has a chance to show off his skillset on a incredible Mooseheads team that is currently playing.

Connor McClennin 5-8/160 RW 178th overall

Connor McClennon Scouting Report: 2020 NHL Draft #83

The Flyers drafted their two seventh round picks in the draft to grab Connor, they obviously see something in him. He is a undersized overlooked winger, playing for a very under rated Kootney Ice, sorry, Winnipeg Ice team. He has put up 35 goals and 43 assists in 88 games in the WHL. He is defiantly the biggest maybe for the Flyers in the draft. In just his second season in the WHL he is an assist captain for his club, leadership ability goes a long way in the NHL. He is undersized in his position and will have to work hard to get up into the pros.

This draft was about restocking the cupboards for the Flyers. With Frost, Rubstov, and Patrick, they are all set at center, but are lacking in skill wingers with the graduation of Joel Farabee.

This was a great draft for the Flyers and they got some seriously talented guys in spots I don’t think they would have gotten if they did not move up. I really can’t wait to see Wisdom get up into the Flyers system, he is a guy thats really hard not to like.

-Branded Mitch

Featured Image- OHL YouTube

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