VIDEO: There Are Ghosts In The New Netflix Movie American Murder?


If you’re reading this I’m going to assume you’ve either seen “American Murder: The Fanily Next Door” or you don’t care about spoilers. It is pretty good, honestly. It is a true story and all of the footage is from police body cams, court videos, home movies, etc. so no re-enactments which I thought made it all seem more real. It’s a true story but we’re still watching it on Netflix so not having any re-enactments made it feel like it was happening in real time.

To fully understand the video you need to know the ending of the movie, this is your last chance to avoid spoilers.








Okay. Basically, this dad killed his pregnant wife and two kids then tried to cover it up. He was on the news asking for them to come home, leading police and the public to believe they were either kidnapped or had run away. He did all of this because he wanted to leave his wife for his new girlfriend. I really do recommend watching the movie.

Now, you had to know that these people were dead when this video was taken. So what you’re going to see is real footage from the cops body cam the first day his family was “missing”. He had already killed and disposed of the bodies when this cop was in his house.

Link to the TikTok


When this was all happening there were only 4 people in the house. The cop, the bald guy is the husband, the girl is the dead wife’s coworker/friend and the guy in the red shirt is her husband. There were no other people in the house and no one in that room.

Morale of the story, ghosts are real and strangling your entire family will get you life in prison.


Twitter is saying that is the guy in the red shirts daughter. Possible, but we’re still rolling that it’s ghosts.

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