Who Died Today?

We here at Branded Sports know that our time on this earth won’t last forever. We can only hope we leave a mark on society when Dr Death comes for us like the people who I’ll be listing below.

1) Scott Wilson Actor

Scott is best known as being a part of the 2nd worst thing to happen to (see 2001 Michael Bay movie) and for starring in the boring version of The Great Gatsby that tour English teacher made you watch while she wrote love letters to the JV QB.

2) Ralphie May Comedian

Ralphie May is best known for participating in the first season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. He finished second on the show much to the dismay of the crowd, but given the fact that winner Dat Phan is still…..standing shows that the judges were right to give him the crown.

3) Anwar Sadat Actor

Anwar was good little pup (beagle and pug mix) who lived a great life in Hollywood after starring opposite Paul Rudd and Jason Siegel in the 2009 hit I Love You Man. Let’s hope he’s up in doggie heaven humping poodles and eating the finest T-bone steaks!

4) Travis Maldonado Adrenaline Junkie

Travis had the type of commitment to a bit that most comedians would kill for. Sure it may have been because he had a need for speed (both on the ATV and off the ATV *cough* drugs *cough*) but Travis really lived it up during his 23 year run. If I know Travis he’s probably up in heaven right now going muddin with another redneck legend gone too soon, Buckwild star Shain “Candee” Gandee. If there’s a Southeast Ohio/Northern West Virginia type area up in heaven I have no doubt Travis and Shain have fathered no less than 15 kids and will keep the party going until I make my way up to the pearly gates.

So if you’re cracking one open tonight pour it out for these real ass people who were taken well before it was their time to go.

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