VIDEO: NBA 2K Dropped A Next Gen Gameplay Trailer, Sort Of


First off, this is very clearly not a gameplay trailer so not sure why 2K would call it that. Maybe I’m wrong but if the video isn’t of someone playing the game don’t call it a gameplay trailer. Yes, Steph is shooting the ball and maybe someone is controlling him but not one of those clips were from an actual game, you don’t get cinematic camera angles in the middle of a 2K game.

Second, they are really just all over Lukas dick. Listen I like Luka, I like the Mavs but Jesus dude.

There’s not much to analyze here. 2K is 2K. Graphics are gonna be nice, they must have a new sweat filter they’ve been working on. Gameplay is going to be the same except for now we have this disgusting shot meter that literally not a single person likes.

I’m not gonna even talk about the servers, we all those are going to be held together with paper clips and prayers.

The game has been out for about a month and I just haven’t seen anything good about it. I haven’t owned a 2K in a few years because it’s just not been enjoyable. The story mode is corny, the gameplay is essentially the same each year. Basically buying a new game every year just for roster updates. I wish Live wasn’t trash or that 2K had some legit competition, having a monopoly on NBA games clearly isn’t good for the game or community. Doesn’t get much lazier than this company.

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