Tony Corrente And The NFL Need To Be Punished For What They Did To The Patriots

I’m not going to sit here and say that the referees are exclusively the reason the Patriots lost to the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead after flying in the day of because their star QB tested positive for COVID. Every single team after every game probably thinks it’s about 80% conspiracy theory why they lost. A horrible roughing the passer call here and there, a DPI with no contact, and gasp! what even is a catch anymore.

That being said, I don’t think I’ve ever been as mad watching a play happen in real time as I was watching what Tony Corrente did to the New England Patriots.

There are so many things to unpack on this play. Right off the bat this is the clearest turnover possibly in the Super Bowl era and beyond. If you asked a time traveler from 1860 who’s ball that is, 10 out of 10 would say those guys in the white. They’d probably also marvel at the quality of video that was able to show something so clear.

After the game, all eyes were on the worse of the two Tony’s to explain what the actual fuck he was doing there. It’s rare that Tony Romo isn’t instantly the worst Tony involved in the game.

Worse QBs than Mahomes have escaped better sacks than that one. His patella doesn’t even graze the green turf and this crew is blowing away like girls with Baker Mayfield in a Cheesecake Factory parking lot. That play was nowhere near dead when a whistle blew. Just let the play finish and take 25 minutes to figure out what just happened, I’d rather it.

What’s unacceptable is saying that there was nothing reviewable in that play after simply allowing the Chiefs to hurry up to the line to punt, knowing exactly what everyone else knew, that was a fucking turnover. Call it a fumble recovery or an interception, Shilique Calhoun was robbed to the likes of Drake and Justin Bieber losing the Best New Artist Grammy to Esperanza Spaulding.

Not to mention our on-call ref expert not even knowing the call enough to know the rules.

The Patriots couldn’t get out of their own way for the rest of the game, despite multiple additional attempts to ensure the delicate flower Super Bowl Champ Chiefs would lose to the bad boys of the NFL. The Patriots are supposed to be bad without Tom Brady! The truth is the Chiefs kind of stunk. 19 points from a completely healthy Chiefs offense on a Patriots defense that let Russ cook for 4 TDs? No one will criticize Mahomes coming out of this game but he didn’t look magical to me.

I can say with absolute certainty that if it were say, Cassh Maluia with COVID instead of Cam Newton that would have been a blowout. In fact I’d like to see someone investigate that. Until any other player tests positive on either side of this game I refuse to fully accept Roger Goodell didn’t send a fat envelope full of coronavirus to Cam’s house.

The Patriots are better than the Chiefs. Maybe not better talent or better athletes, but in a single game with a week to prepare I will take the Pats. Enjoy your heirlooms. No one is going to play their tiny violin for the Pats getting screwed over but as long as Bill Belichick is on that sideline and Brian Hoyer is not holding the football the Patriots win that game 99 out of 100 times. Tony Corrente did everything in his power to make sure this was that 1 in 100.

I will accept an additional 1st round draft pick as compensation, or a redo of the game once Cam is healthy. At a very minimum Roger Goodell should forfeit a year salary.


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