Joke of the Day October 6th 2020


We’re two days removed from the Browns kicking the shit out of the Cowboys and I’m still in stitches laughing about it.

I haven’t laughed like this since me and the boys got together in middle school and watched “The Bad Boys of Comedy” starring Dane Cook, Carlos Mencia and Larry The Cable Guy.

We still talk about those crazy nights to this day in our “Henry County’s Badazzes” group chat.

Speaking of Henry County, the Facebook groups were poppin when the game clock hit 00:00 on Sunday. It was either Browns fans declaring themselves Super Bowl Champs (and declaring the mask protocols at Walmart “an infringement on their right to free speech” whatever that means).

Anyways my now not winless Bengals see the Browns in 3 weeks and I hope by that point the obnoxious Cleveland fans will be knocked down a peg or two before they come to the jungle.

Featured image via LA Times (LINK)

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