Is Sirius About To Make The Biggest Mistake Of Their Lives?


Word on the internet streets is Barstool and Sirius are in renegotiation talks and things are not going ideally. All rumors coming out suggest that Sirius is low-balling Barstool and Dave Portnoy has been pushed to the brink of telling Sirius to go pound sand.

I’ve looked to try and get an idea at how much the Sirius deal is currently and where the price is right now for extension but couldn’t come up with a figure. Whatever it is, it’s not nearly was much as what is being thrownat the Howard Stern show. Howard Stren is closing in on a deal that could pay him roughly $120 million A YEAR.

$120 million a year for some washed up guy that hasn’t be edgy or different in over 25 year? Who is making these calls at Sirius? Let’s break these down.

Sirius is looking to pay basically one single show the equivalent of two times what Tiger Woods made in 2020. Stern claims that 74% of his audience are between the ages 25-45. Listen, I’m not going to say that isn’t true, I don’t have the numbers. But if 74% of them are between 25-54, than 90% of that are 45+. I don’t know a single person that listens to Howard Stern that isn’t also thinking about retirement in the next 5 years.

On the other side you’ve got Barstool Sports. Which if you’re looking at bang for you buck compared to Howard, it’s not even close. Barstool reaches 48% of men and 44% of female millennials and gen-x in the United States. And as for age demographics, 65% of their followers are between ages 21-44. Aka, the golden window as far as demographics are concerned.

Not to mention, with Barstool compared to Howard, you’re not buying one guy and a few side kicks. Sirius is getting roughly 70 personalities, 38 podcasts, 23 video shows, and over 54 million followers across twitter and IG alone. All of that driving eyes and ears back to Sirius and Barstool’s shows.

It’s not even a, ‘well you like Barstool so you’re bias’ thing. This is just math.

So let’s say Barstool does cut ties with Sirius, what happens next? The first thing that happens is, you get a ton of cancelled subscriptions. When Sirius brought in Barstool and dumped Bleacher Report, they saw the most subscribers that they they’ve had in over 5 years. It’s more than fair to say if Sirius announces they aren’t resigning Barstool’s channel on a Monday morning, thousands of cancels will have to be processed before happy hour that evening.

So where does Barstool take their talents next?

Really good ideas here.

One issue with Twitch though, they would most likely either have to tone down what they are doing, which would not be appealing. Or they would get banned from the platform within a week. Twitch isn’t ready for them. YouTube could be the answer if they were to sign an exclusive deal but it would be the most user friendly experience.

The best solution here, outside of Sirius growing a brain, is Barstool launching on their own platform. Push the live radio shows through the Barstool app, keep all ad revenue in house. Or find another radio type of platform that can handle the traffic.

Because, if Barstool builds it, they will come.

As to Hank’s point about podcasts he’s not wrong. If there were no daily radio shows, podcast plays would skyrocket. I’d assume the Rundown numbers would go bananas as well but the only draw back is the up the moment interaction with the Stoolies. Over the course of the last 3+ years the breaking storylines have been some of the best content created. Grudgement Day was maybe the greatest show Sirius has ever had the opportunity to put on their airwaves.

No matter what Barstool decides to do, Sirius would be making a colossal mistake not resigning or playing hardball. Dave and Erika have tons of options at their disposal and the last thing Sirius wants to do is find their name of a bottle of Ace Of Spades.

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