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On September 29th, the La Salle community was shocked and saddened to learn that the University had decided to cut 7 programs from the school’s athletic programs – Baseball, Softball, Mens & Women’s Swimming/Diving, Tennis, and Volleyball. La Salle is a tight-knit community that is held together by the identity of being an Explorer – and that opportunity has now been taken away from more than 100 current athletes, and 1000’s more future athletes.

The baseball team, alumni, coaches and parents have come together to not only make an attempt at saving our program, but change the future of La Salle forever. Our team is hard at work building a plan to save our program, the school, and the important values that are learned from being an esteemed member of the La Salle community. We need YOUR help to raise awareness and funds for our cause. Liking, sharing, retweeting, donating, etc. is what is going to make this campaign successful. Please find all relevant links below, and #SaveLaSalleBASE:


Instagram: @SaveLaSalleBaseball

Mailing List:

Really tough situation La Salle and probably a lot of universities are going to find themselves in over the next couple years. Expenses being cut means we’re going to see some really tough decisions being made. But that doesn’t mean it’s all over for programs like La Salle. You, yes you, can join the La Salle community, many Philadelphians and even Dave Portnoy, to save this program.

Get on the mailing list, go donate, and share these stories. You might not be Daddy Warbucks and can’t afford to save this program all by yourself. But every retweet, share and text helps put this program one step closer to staying around. The Philadelphia Big 5 community is one of the tightest sports brotherhoods out there. So even of you are a Temple guy or a Drexel gal, we all need to come together to help our own.


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