Is Buddy Hield Hinting That He’s On His Way To The Sixers?

Since before the outbreak of Covid-19, the rumors of Buddy Hield possibly being on the move was swirling around the internet. Hield has shown his displeasure with being in Sacramento consistently over the season.

This response doesn’t seem like someone who wants to be with the Kings Organization any longer.

In all honesty, from a Sixers fans prospective, it looks like he wants to come to Philly. He’s been dropping hints for awhile.

Buddy Hield instantly makes this team better. Trading for Hield gives you another scoring option who can create for himself, and is a bonafide shooter and scorer. Buddy Hield is consistently in the top 10 3 point shooting percentages every year. That’s something the Sixers could really benefit from.

In 2016, the Sixers trade trading up with Boston, who had the third overall pick to grab Hield. They envisioned drafting Simmons and Hield and growing a big three including Joel Embiid. To possibly make that vision a reality gets the juices flowing.

Seeing that Hield has been made available, if you are the Sixers you have to pounce on this oppurtunity. If that means you have to give up Horford, Thybulle, Korkmaz and picks, I believe that’s something you must do. If you’re looking to win now, this is a no brainer. You also would be helping your cap situation in the process.

This rumor is gaining steam and it’s something all of us Sixers fans should keep our eye on. Now that the Sixers have hired new Head Coach Glenn “Doc” Rivers, front office changes along with personnel moves could start to happen immediately after the NBA Finals. Buddy Hield to Philly is one that I’m keeping my eyes on.

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