DeSean Jackson’s Mom Just Dunked On AJ

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I use the term ‘dunked on’ loosely here. She didn’t kill shot him or anything, really this was more of a gut check.

A few things to unpack here. First off, I didn’t even know DeSean had a new album or made music at all. So maybe he should spend more time marketing instead of being focused on the season ahead. Also, without hearing his music, I just know it stinks. All athletes that try to make music end up failing. You were given gifts from God to play ball. Stop wasting your time making shitty rap songs.

Secondly, ‘are you serious or just stupid?’ is a fantastic clap back.

Classic line that will never get old.

The one thing I don’t get is the #game. Makes no sense. Come up with a better hashtag or spare the hashtag completely.

Now the last thing that needs to be addressed here is his passion. DeSean doesn’t give a shit about this season. I don’t care what you try and tell me. He doesn’t care. The other game he wasn’t hurt, just looked like he didn’t want to take the field. Can’t say I blame him but let’s also not call that top tier passion.

Hopefully DeSean shows some of whatever his mom is referring to because we might be without most of our receivers this weekend. Can’t see how the Eagles don’t lose this game by a million.


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