Carson Wentz Slander Hit New Rock Bottom Last Night

The Carson Wentz hate has been piling up, and now NFL Network is piling on. Here’s the graphic they used to promo the rest of the NFL week during TNF:


Nick Mullens?!?!??

They couldn’t have just used somebody like George Kittle and avoided quarterbacks all together? Just avoid the topic like a high school couple having a “what are we?” conversation.

Wentz actually bested Nick Mullens during the Super Bowl year by a tune of 31-3 so I guess head to head record didn’t help the graphics department make their decision.

I’d like to think Carson Wentz has a Michael Jordan “I took that personally” type of moment with all this slander coming his way. But MJ took the floor with Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen. Wentz is taking the field with Greg Ward and Deontay Burnett.

It’s just hard to see him going OFF and proving the doubters wrong when he’s down to a single receiver available for practice during the week.

Poor Carson, hits keep on coming.

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