Supreme Court Rules Subway’s Bread Isn’t Actually Bread

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The Journal: THE SUPREME COURT today ruled that sandwiches made by Subway contain too much sugar to legally be considered bread. 

The ruling today arose from an appeal from Bookfinders Ltd, a Subway franchisee, which claimed that it should not have to pay VAT as many products it sells are “staple foods” and should attract a 0% VAT rate. 

I mean…yeah, obviously. This is like one of those studies that they do at a university like UCLA or Stanford and we read the headline thinking, ‘no shit, why did they even do that study?’

“Recent UCLA study shows eating cheese makes you happy.”

“Latest research from Stanford suggests men do in fact find women with large breast attractive.”

Subway is the grossest place on Earth and that is including actual subways. You ever walk by a Subway on a hot day? Appetite is long gone after one sniff or that warm turkey. That’s how Jared lost all that weight. He didn’t actually eat at Subway, he just went there everyday. Walked in, took a deep breath, vomited and walked right out. That or constantly sweating around the clock because you live in fear that you’ll get caught with a ton of child porn.

One or the other.

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