Sixers Hire Doc Rivers But They Still Need To Do More

Branded is a Philly based site and most of the bloggers here are Sixers fans. I am not one of them. Doc signing with the Sixers broke over an hour ago and to my surprise none of the Philly bloggers have even considered writing about it. Whether they like it, love it, hate it. Nada. So, not wanting Branded to be the only Philadelphia blog not to talk about this here I am. Luckily I predicted this would happen before Doc even got fired, almost makes more sense for me to blog this than any of our Sixers fans. Almost.

Obviously, I have changed my name on Twitter to Edstradomus. I, like Nostradamus, make wild predictions no one saw coming and poof… they happen.

Now Doc isn’t the greatest coach in the world and if we’re being honest the last decade he has severely underperformed. Never got the Clippers out of the second round even when they had very talented rosters, like during lob city years and this year with two All NBA level players on his team. He loves being up 3-1 in the playoffs and then losing that playoff series. He has his faults and weaknesses. With all of that being said he was the best option. Well, he was and he wasn’t. He was the best former NBA head coach available and he fits this current team better then D’Antoni would have. There are potentially better options in College, G League and even current Assistants but they are “unknown” when it comes to NBA head coaches. We know what Doc is, whether that’s good or bad there is no mystery.

He signed a 5 year deal and I’d be shocked if he lives out that full contract but I am willing to give him a year and so should you Philly. Let’s see what he’s got. When this team inevitably fails at the end of the season maybe you’ll luck into some competency and get rid of your entire front office, Including Elton Brand. This signing of Doc guarantees Elton is here for at least this season. You are running out of time, though. This team is a ticking time bomb of talent who are fed up with losing.

Either Doc works out and/or the team makes good roster moves and the Sixers win it all. Or it is more of the same and Ben or Embiid decide they’ve had enough. Those are the options. Doc signed for 5 years so let’s keep it on that timeline. In the next 5 years the Sixers will win a title or Ben and/or Embiid will no longer be on this team. That is the scary reality that this team has become, get ready for a wild ride.

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