It’s Yet Another Sick and Twisted Day to Be a Phillies Fan


Baseball season is over in Philadelphia, but not for the Covid Marlins. As we await the fate of the Phillies front office, hopefully this little tid bit should push the decision over the edge.


Anytime you can trade the next Pedro Martinez away for two years of a catcher and get no playoff wins out of it, you gotta do it.

The Phillies playoff drought gets more depressing by the day and watching other teams continue their season into October is the real life version of the Squidward meme where Spongebob is playing outside. To have that much talent and have the bullpen Achilles heel that they did was a perfect flux between frustrating and saddening.

Yet, Matt Klentak remains.

The Phillies situation is exactly why it’s pointless to be excited about the Sixers coaching search. Why are people elated over Doc Rivers? We literally JUST went through this process with the Phillies. They got the experienced manager that everybody wanted who has a ring from a decade ago. They ended up in the same exact spot as they did the year prior. September collapse, no playoffs. It is the SAME exact cycle. The only thing that breaks the cycle is a new front office.

The coaches and managers don’t matter because we have incompetent front offices who trade away prospects like Sixto and ignore growing a team organically. Get rid of the decision makers.

Congrats on your first playoff start, Sixto.

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