What’s Next For Lundqvist?

The New York Rangers have officially moved on from their franchise goaltender, Henrik Lundqvist. They decided to buy out the final year of Hanks contract which was the last of his seven year deal signed back in 2013.

At 38 Lundqvist has had a Hall of Fame career, accomplishing just about everything a goalie could accomplish. He’s a former Vezina trophy winner to go along with multiple All Star appearances, and a Gold Medal. There’s only one thing missing from the legendary career of “The King” and that is the Stanley Cup. He had his only chance at a Stanley Cup ruined by the Los Angeles Kings back in 2014. So where does Lundqvist go from here?

It’s been clear that his play has declined over the last few seasons and that’s expected as he gets older. Time eventually catches up with everyone and “The King” is no exception. While he was nowhere near the goalie he used to be, I believe that Hank still has at least a year or two left and could be a decent backup for a contending team. He can still perform at a high level and can give you solid minutes. I firmly believe that a team that is a serious cup contender could benefit from the services of Lundqvist. There’s a few teams that come to mind for me that I think could be in play for Lundqvist. Those teams are…Carolina, Toronto, Florida, Dallas, and Edmonton. Now I have no clue if any of these teams will show interest in Lundqvist but, looking at those teams they seem to make sense and could definitely kick tires on him.

We will have to wait until next week to find out the fate of Lundqvist. One thing I think I can say for certain, we haven’t seen the last of Lundqvist. Unless he doesn’t get signed by someone then I think there’s no way he retires just yet.

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