The Lakers Gave Halsey A Two Part Birthday Gift And It’s All Anyone Could Ask For

If you haven’t noticed we are big Halsey fans here at Branded and if you were unaware Halsey is a big Lakers fan. She made a second twitter account just to live tweet the games.

Being a celebrity comes with some perks and when you’re a big time Lakers fan it comes with some sick perks when they’re making a deep playoff run. I would imagine this is Halseys current peak as a celebrity, I’m not saying it’s all down hill from here but my guess is she is more known now then she ever has been. When that’s the case your favorite basketball team might just send you a jersey with your Twitter handle on it.

Top 5 gift right there. Your favorite team sends you a custom jersey for your birthday? Uh sign me up please. Maybe it’s just me because I’m a degenerate who can’t stay off Twitter but I think I’d rather have my @ be on the jersey then my last name. That’s not even the best part which is saying something because like I said that’s a top 5 gift. Halsey has never seen her team in the playoffs for her birthday. Because 2020 is so fucked Halsey gets to celebrate her 26th birthday by watching her favorite team, who just sent her a jersey, play in the NBA Finals. You tell me what would be a better two part gift? First you get a jersey AND your team wins The Finals? Halsey is currently living a Top 2 life and she’s not number 2.

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