Tyler Herro’s Smoking Hot IG Model Girlfriend Is Also Kyle Kuzma’s Ex So The NBA Finals Could Be Kind Of Awkward


Ever since the NBA tightened up the rules on who can enter the bubble, the IG models have been making a strong push for an official relationship label to get in. It’s got to be well documented that you are, and have been, fucking these dudes for quite some time.

While many awwww’d over the #couplegoals of bubble legend Tyler Herro and his bottom heavy girlfriend Katya Elise Henry, you might forget Katya’s ex just also randomly happens to be in the NBA bubble playing for the opposite team.

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brought my @kissmypeachswimwear to the picnic

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Before Katya rode the hot hand and committed to 20 year old swag king Tyler Herro…

…she was looking awfully comfortable in a purple and gold Kuzma jersey.

Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with dating multiple NBA players, and Katya definitely heard Kendall say she will throw her coochie wherever she damn well pleases. Supporting so many different NBA franchises may be a juggling act though. How many jerseys does she have to buy?

Again, there is no shame in her game at all; but in 2020, in this economy, having your current boyfriend playing against your ex boyfriend while confined to a Disney resort has to be next level awkward.

I’m not sure if they’ve consolidated all of the players now to one hotel but there’s no way to avoid a run in between these three. Perhaps across from each other in the buffet line, or passing by on a golf cart, if I were Katya I would have a firm plan of action for that inevitable collision. Wouldn’t be shocked if she just walks around the bubble in a g string at all times.

From the little that has been revealed about Kyle Kuzma and Katya Elise Henry’s relationship, Katya alleges that much like the ball with 20 seconds on the shot clock and driving to the basket, Kuzma “couldn’t handle her.” She didn’t mention him by name but just so happened to release a Youtube video talking about “what she wants in a man” a few months after their breakup. The evidence says otherwise between Kuzma and Katya.

These two broke up in April of last year, so in IG model/professional athlete terms that’s like 15 years ago. Kuzma is now dating supermodel Winnie Harlow, who has also been with him in the bubble, adding to the LAYERS of this love square.

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Twin📍❤️ @kuz

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Would have been an absolute power move for Katya to go into the bubble and sneak back and forth from room to room though. Still not actually convinced she isn’t. If Tyler’s shot dries up and Kuz simply starts passing up horrendous shot opportunities, the wheels just might start turning for Katya.

What happens when Tyler is watching game film for this series? I’m sure he’s not watching too much Kuzma film but every now and then he must sneak in there on a brick 3 that leads to an offensive rebound or something. Is Katya giving Tyler tips on how to get in Kuzma’s head. Telling him how Kuz has a crooked dick or something? This is the perfect opportunity for some mental warfare.

In reality these two will probably not even make eye contact and pretend Katya doesn’t exist. But if she sits courtside, a girl can dream.


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