MLB Bracket Challenge – Loser Caddies 18 Holes For The Winner


We are great at gambling at Branded Sports. Just check our resume:

Point 1: Check out 1490 AM from 11-12 ET every Saturday (livestreamed on Branded_Sports Twitter) where Joe (5-1) & KMess continuously give out winners.

Point 2: Locks Only every Monday & Wednesday streamed on the Branded_Sports Twitter Is 6-1 good? Because that’s what we finished last show – check out the results from last show & overall records below:

Pont 3: Speaking of Locks Only the NE Degenerates have an impressive 21-14 (60%) record for the year. Look out for their Pay The Mortage Parlay. By my estimate it hits every 5 bets & we are coming up on the 5th folks – don’t miss it this weekend.

So back to gambling, we are going to see who can predict the MLB playoffs the closest. We have a bracket challenge where the loser must caddy for the winner. Guaranteed mahem, booze, & a shit show all around AKA great content on the golf course.

Below are the brackets – who has the best & who has the worst?







Stevie Stats

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