BREAKING: Titans Close In Person Activities

Intern Mitch

Well, my fantasy league is called “This Shit Won’t Last Two Weeks” and looks like I was off by a week, but this is not the death of the NHL season. The Tennessee Titans have closed their facilities until this weekend after three players and five team personnel tested positive for the Coronavirus. You might have heard of it, its getting around.

The eight tests have been confirmed positive after additional testing according to ESPN. The Vikings are also taking precautions after playing the Titans on Monday. Also, according to ESPN no Vikings have tested positive.

The NFL and NFLPA is apparently also working on contact tracing, to try and make sure this shit doesn’t spread out to others not related to the two teams. With that, the Vikings facilities have also been closed.

No decision has been made for the game this Sunday in Pittsburgh. In my opinion I think it gets rescheduled. If a regular person gets COVID they go on lockdown for 14 days. So I don’t think that 6 days will cut it, especially with how quick this can spread.

Thankfully the NFL plays one game a week so it is pretty easy to cut the head off of the problem when it comes to spreading. So at least 28 other teams can still play. I do not think this will end the NFL’s season, if the MLB kept going after the Marlins caught Corona, I think the NFL will be fine.

-Branded Mitch


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