Where Do The Eagles Go From Here?

AJ Torres

A tie. A ******* tie to the Cincinnati Bengals. How did we get here? I am completely miserable on this Monday morning. I had no doubt in my mind coming into yesterday’s game that they’d come out with the win. We all know that wasn’t the case, but to play for the tie? I have 0 faith in Doug any longer. To not give your qb the chance to throw it down field and waste some time is idiotic and not what this city is about. The man wrote a god damn book called fearless for peeps sake. All I know is this is a huge case of a Head Coach taking credit for his OC’s (Frank Reich) work and play calling ability.

Doug Pederson says he is “fearless”

This was a game you should not have lost. Like not by a long shot. I thought Pederson would smarten up and lean on his run game. He’s got Miles Sanders, who could potentially be a 2000 total yard running back year after year. Nahhhhh, Pederson only gives him 21 touches yesterday. I also figured Carson Wentz would learn from the tape of his two previous games and not force throws that aren’t there. What do ya know, he throws another 2 INTS on balls that were forced. On top of that his mechanics still look horrendous. He continued to miss on the “lay up” throws especially an easy lob ball for Sanders down the sideline that would’ve went for 6. It’s mind boggling that this man just completely forgot how to play the game of football. Jim Schwartz is still playing to the sticks WHICH NEVER WORKS. It is very hard to have any faith in this team. I have no idea where this team goes from here and they play The 49s this week. The eagles are going to get completely mollywhopped and that’s a fact.

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