The Time Has Come For Jeffrey Lurie To Take Away Football Operations From Howie Roseman, And Here’s Why

If you’re an Eagles like I am than you are just as miserable as me. The team is in shambles, and they look the worse that they have since 2013. Though Doug Pederson and his players have been awful, this all starts with one person and one person only. Howard “Howie” Roseman. It is time for Owner Jeffrey Lurie to snatch football operations from him. His time with control of every football move has to come to an end, and here’s why.

I am not moronic enough to say Roseman has been terrible overall in his tenure with the Eagles. He drafted Fletcher Cox, Zach Ertz, Carson Wentz, Jason Kelce, Miles Sanders. Roseman hired Doug Pederson who brought us our first Super Bowl. He signed Malcolm Jenkins when no one else wanted him. He traded for Darius Slay, who easily if our best cornerback since Asante Samuel. With all this being said, he has done plenty more bad than good, especially in the draft aspect of his career.

First things first, Roseman struck out way more than he hits on drafts picks. Its truly gut wrenching how badly he has drafted over his career. Roseman has picked 74 draft picks in his career (before the 2020 draft), lets go round by round and point out the hits and misses over his career.

First Round: 2019 Andre Dillard (OT), 2017 Derek Barnett (DE), 2016 Carson Wentz (QB), 2015 Marcus Smith (DE), 2014 Lane Johnson (OT), 2013 Fletcher Cox (DT), 2012 Danny Watkins (OG), 2011 Brandon Graham (DE)

Hits: Wentz, Johnson, Cox, Graham

Misses: Smith, Watkins

Questionable: Dillard, Barnett

Howie has been decent drafting in the 1st round. Obviously hitting on Wentz, Johnson, Cox, and Graham are huge picks that have done really well in their careers. All 4 of these fellas played a huge part in the teams first ever Super Bowl. These guys will be here for a long time as well. Regardless of Wentz recent struggles, he has done more good than bad for this franchise, and isnt going anywhere anytime soon. Wentz dead cap situation basically keeps him here until his contract is up. He is better than what he has shown and at some point he will have to turn it around.

Marcus Smith and Danny Watkins are two of the worst first round selections in recent NFL history. Bust Central. Just complete misses by Roseman. Smith never showed any type of potential from day one, and he is already out of the league. Danny Watkins, this man was a head scratcher from the jump. They drafted a fireman who had about 1 year of football experience. A complete bone head move from Roseman.

I have Dillard and Barnett as questionable because everyone has their own opinions on these two. Dillard, it is kind of too early to tell if he will pan out or not. I myself don’t think he will. To me he is soft and will never have the mentality to play in this city. The second the report came out that Derek Barnett made him cry in practice I was sold that he is Charmin soft. Barnett is the one true questionable pick. Barnett has shown flashes of being a very good DE for this team, other times he has shown he can be very undisciplined and lazy. With Barnett you really just never know which one you’re going to get. Injuries have also bothered him his whole career and cant stay on the field. I cant call him a bust though.

Second Round: 2019 J.J. Arcega-Whiteside (WR), 2019 Miles Sanders (RB), 2018 Dallas Goedert (TE), 2017 Sidney Jones (CB), 2014 Jordan Matthews (WR), 2013 Zach Ertz (TE), 2012 Mychal Kendricks (LB), 2012 Vinny Curry (DE), 2011 Jaiquawn Jarrett (S), 2010 Nate Allen (S)

Hits: Sanders, Goedert, Ertz, Kendricks

Misses: Arcega-Whiteside, Jones, Jarrett, Allen

Questionable: Matthews, Curry

Roseman struck pure gold with a couple of these players including Miles Sanders, Dallas Goedert, Zach Ertz, and Mychal Kendricks. Lets start off with Kendricks. The guy was a flat out athletic freak of nature. He was explosive, fast, strong, and powerful on the attack. With his time in Philadelphia, he was one of the teams best linebackers. Kendricks could cover your RB and your TE. On top of that he could blitz the QB with ease. When he hit the gap is was like he was shot out of a cannon. Zach Ertz, I don’t have to go on about him. Simply the best offensive player in franchise history. Dallas Goedert. This kid is a dual threat TE. Goedert can get open with ease for you but also can sit in and block for you when needed. He has top 7 tight end potential. Now onto my favorite Eagle, Miles Sanders. This kid let me tell you, he has Alvin Kamara type skill. He can run through the tackles with power, run towards the outside with speed, line up as a receiver, and his most underrated attribute is pass blocking. The kid can really do it all.

With all the gold Roseman found, he also struck out tremendously with the same about of picks. Nate Allen wasn’t terrible but it was a reach in the second round. Jaiquawn Jarrett was a flat out bust. Sidney Jones just wasn’t the same football player he was in college after his achillies injury. Last but not least, everybodies favorite JJAW. This kid completely STINKS!!! His rookie year he couldn’t understand the playbook, and now this year he hasnt even caught a single ball. It is EMBARRASING!!! Not to mention Howie chose him over DK Metcalf, who is one of the leagues best young receivers. That pick is one this city and its fans will never get over.

So I have Matthews and Curry as questionables because did they really live up to a 2nd rounders potential? Matthews i could have probably had as a hit but he fell off badly after his first 4 seasons and now can barely find a job. Curry while a good rotational guy, i don’t think his numbers live up to a second rounders.

Third Round: 2017 Rasul Douglas (CB), 2016 Isaac Seumalo (OG), 2014 Josh Huff (WR), 2013 Bennie Logan (DT), 2012 Nick Foles (QB), 2011 Curtis Marsh (CB), 2010 Daniel Te’o-Neshiem (DE)

Hits: Foles, Seumalo

Misses: Douglas, Huff, Logan, Marsh, Te’o-Neshiem

Not many gems in this round for Howie. I mean obviously Big Dick Nick Foles is one of the biggest picks/players in franchise history. The man won us our first Super Bowl and was the MVP. Issac Seumalo isn’t a star by any means, but he has been serviceable for this team. He is easily a starter in this league.

The guys i mentioned as misses are clear misses besides Douglas. Rasul Douglas in my opinion was only a miss here because it was the wrong fit for him. Leaving Douglas on an island never made sense because he didnt have the speed or hip fluidity to make adjustments of a stop and go route. Now he is down in Carolina in a zone scheme and has done very well.

Fourth Round: 2019 Shareef Miller (DE), 2018 Avonte Maddox (CB), 2018 Josh Sweat (DE), 2017 Mack Hollins (WR), 2017 Donnell Pumphrey Jr (RB), 2014 Jaylen Watkins (DB), 2013 Matt Barkley (QB), 2012 Brandon Boykin (CB), 2011 Casey Matthews (LB), 2011 Alex Henery (K), 2010 Trevard Lindley (DB), 2010 Keenan Clayton (LB), 2010 Mike Kafka (QB), 2010 Clay Harbor (TE)

Hits: Maddox, Sweat, Boykin

Misses: Miller, Hollins, Pumphrey, Watkins, Barkley, Matthews, Henery, Lindley, Clayton, Kafka, Harbor

Avonte Maddox and Josh Sweat being taken in the same draft was a win for Howie. Both are now starters and both have upside. Maddox has his ups and downs, but he has shown to be a pretty decent player. Josh Sweat is a guy I’m really high on. He is a tall, long, athletic freak, and uses a combo of speed and strength to rush from the outside and has shown recently to do so with ease. Brandon Boykin is a guy I will never forgive the Eagles for letting go. He was one of the teams best slot corners in history (numbers wise). Small but strong and fast. He had a knack for getting the ball back in the offense. Boykin was a clear cut steal in the fourth for Howie.

The misses I named all really really stunk. Theres not one guy i can say was remotely good.

Fifth Round: 2019 Clayton Thorson (QB), 2017 Shelton Gibson (WR), 2017 Nate Gerry (LB), 2016 Wendell Smallwood (RB), 2016 Halapoulivaati Vaitai (OT), 2014 Taylor Hart (DT), 2014 Ed Reynolds (DB), 2013 Earl Wolff (S), 2012 Dennis Kelly (OT), 2011 Dion Lewis (RB), 2011 Julian Vandervelde (OG), 2010 Ricky Sapp (DE), 2010 Riley Cooper (WR)

Hits: Vaitai

Misses: Everybody else

Big V was a great snag in the 5th round for Howie. Serviceable OT for majority of his career with the Eagles. He also was a starter for a good amount of his time here, including the Super Bowl where he played a great game.

Riley Cooper numbers wise was a hit for Howie in the 5th round, but the whole debacle at the country concert puts him as a big miss and a big piece of shit as well. Everybody else on the miss list stunk as an Eagle. A few have gone on and had better careers else where including Dennis Kelly and Dion Lewis.

Sixth Round: 2018 Matt Pryor (OG), 2016 Elijah Qualls (DT), 2016 Blake Countess (S), 2012 Marvin McNutt (WR), 2012 Brandon Washington (G), 2011 Jason Kelce (C), 2011 Brian Rolle (LB), 2010 Charles Scott (RB)

Hits: Kelce, Pryor

Misses: Everyone else.

So for Howie, his selection of Jason Kelce makes up for all the misses he’s had in this round. Besides Tom Brady, Kelce might be the best 6th round pick in NFL history, and that’s just the facts.

Seventh Round: 2018 Jordan Mailata (OT), 2015 Jalen Mills (CB), 2016 Alex McCalister (DE), 2016 Joe Walker (LB), 2015 Beau Allen (DT), 2013 Joe Kruger (DE), 2013 Jordan Poyer (DB), 2013 David King (DE), 2012 Bryce Brown (RB), 2011 Greg Llloyd (LB), 2011 Stanley Havili (FB), 2010 Jamar Chaney (LB), 2010 Jeff Owens (DT), 2010 Kurt Coleman (S)

 Hits: Mills, Allen, Brown, Chaney, Coleman

Misses: Mailata, McCalister, Walker, Kruger, Poyer, King, Lloyd, Havili, Owens

Mills and Allen are probably the only two names on this list that have been truly a serviceable part of this team. Other than that Brown, Chaney, and Coleman all had some type of productivity for a seventh rounder in Philadelphia. The rest have either rarely saw the field or are out of the league.

So overall Howie has registered about 21 hits, 49 misses, and 4 questionables. That’s about 43% hitting in his draft picks and that’s flat out terrible. He’s hit some gems don’t get me wrong, but most of his misses out weigh the hits. Especially taking JJAW over DK Metcalf.

Now drafting isn’t the only part of the madness that is Howie Roseman. Just like his draft selections he’s made some really beneficial trades, and some face palm ones.

We can get started with some trades that were beneficial. Everyone knows him working up to get Wentz was incredible I’ll give him that. Also trading a third and a fifth to snag Darius Slay is a flat out steal.

You then have his bone head deals including trading a third rounder for Golden Tate. At the time I was all for it, but the production and fit just didn’t seem to be there. Mike Groh, former WR coach is on record saying he didn’t know how to use Tate. That’s just flat out horrible. It seemed like a panic move in my opinion. Another terrible move he made was Dennis Kelly for DGB. I don’t even know where to begin here. Dennis Kelly was a serviceable back up and starting offensive lineman on your team and to force a deal for a WR who already had enough on the field and off the field issues was just out right idiotic. Now DGB is out of the league and Kelly is a starting offensive lineman for the Titans. Great move moron. The worst of them all could be Howie dealing Chris Clemons for Darryl Tapp. Howie was fresh on the scene in 2010, and came in a gave away a guy who was talented but got 0 playing time. In Tapp’s career he finished with 29 sacks and 12 forced fumbles. Chris Clemons on the other hand finished with 69 sacks and 20 forced fumbles. Here we have a classic example of how Howie Roseman is a terrible evaluator of talent.

There are a hand full of other trades that make me scratch my head but then I might as well write a book.

Roseman like all GMs has had his ups and down, but after our Super Bowl win, in which he did put together that roster, has regressed year after year. The evaluation of talent in the draft continues to keep us from being able to mold young guys into starters in this league, which forces us to continue to sign players to bogus contracts.

You now like at this current team and see that we are in shambles with absolutely no money to fix it for the next few years. That again is due to Howie giving out ridiculous sized contracts.

It’s time for Jeffrey Lurie to come out of his big office and take football operations away from Howie, plain and simple. It’s time to bring in someone who has a resume of drafting well, and being able to see potential in guys that Howie clearly couldn’t.

Eagles fans, what say you?




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