I Would Like To Formally Apologize On Behalf Of The Patriots For Destroying The Atlanta Falcons Franchise

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There are just some things in life that people cannot overcome. Some things so demoralizing and crippling can seep into our brain particles and become a part of our DNA. A blown 25 point lead, the worst in Super Bowl history, is one of those debilitating life circumstances that becomes a permanent stain on an entire city.

For even the most mentally tough men in history it would be a likely impossible memory to move on from. But for people like Arthur Blank, Dan Quinn, and Matt Ryan…it’s a stench that you can never wash out.

In a literal sense and on paper, it appears the Patriots indeed murdered the Falcons as an organization. I mean, the Atlanta Falcons Wikipedia page actually ends in 2017.

After the Patriots snatched their proverbial soul in Super Bowl LI, the Falcons did make it back to the playoffs in 2017 as a 3rd place finish in their own division at 10-6. 2018 they started 4-7 and missed the playoffs. And last year in 2019 they started 1-7 and were mathematically eliminated in week 13.

However, smarter people than me can probably pull some statistics that show the Falcons have some of the most impressive offensive numbers for a team that has now been pronounced dead, resuscitation off the table.

Which has got to make it clinically insane to continue to be an Atlanta Falcons fan. I don’t blame anyone in the state of Georgia for abandoning their team. Being a fan through thick and thin is one thing, but being an Atlanta Falcons fan is an illegal torture method.

The 2020 Falcons are 0-3, which is not even the headline of the story. It’s how they’ve gone 0-3.

Being a Lions fan or even a Browns fan has to be emotionally mind-numbing, but I’d rather be a Jets fan right now than a Falcons fan. There’s no turning back for the Atlanta Falcons. They might as well retire the franchise and start over from scratch. Matt Ryan needs to pack it up and call it a career. Arthur Blank needs to find a new investment.

So as a Patriots fan, and on behalf of the Patriots organization, I would like to issue a formal apology to the city of Atlanta for violently murdering your NFL team. The Falcons will never win a Super Bowl. I just can’t envision it. It’s like there is a magnetic force field between the Atlanta Falcons and the Lombardi trophy and it’s only getting stronger.


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