The Eagles Are Flat Out Bad

The Eagles embarrassed the entire city of Philadelphia today. Wentz and Pederson have shown that they aren’t as good as people thought. Eagles fans you have to stop holding onto the idea that Carson would’ve been an MVP if he didn’t get hurt, even if you’re right he’s not that guy anymore. Doug Pederson is not the coach you thought he was. The mad genius who made Nick Foles a Super Bowl champion is in Indy and it shows.

The only thing worse than losing to the Bengals and dropping to 0-3 would be a tie, and guess what happened. It’s undeniably worse. 1. A tie, especially the way this tie happened, is SPINELESS. Your coach wrote a book called Fearless and just punted for a tie. Disgusting. 2. A tie hurts your future. There’s a very real possibility this tie prevents you from getting a Top 5 pick in the draft, whether you want to admit it or not that is what is on the table now after 3 weeks of mediocrity incompetence.

You have to seriously consider benching Wentz. Your front office is bad and should all be fired but maybe they saw what none of us did and that’s why they took Hurts in the second. You know what’s worse then taking a backup QB with your second round pick? Not using him when your starter doesn’t show up, week after week after week.

Time to take a hard look at your team, the Eagles might actually be the third best Philly team, in the worst possible way.

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