Walsh’s Winner’s(NFL Week 3 Picks)

OHHHHHH BABY!!! After an average week in week one with a 9-7 record, we had a HUGE week 2!!! We were oh so close to having a perfect week. Leave it to the Eagles to screw that up for us as they dropped another dud. So that was annoying as they are now 0-2 and have looked like shit. Other than the birds sucking it up we lost on the Monday night game as daaaaaaa Raiders beat the Saints. So our week 2 record finished at an incredible 14-2, THAT’S RIGHT BABY 14-2!!!!! Ya boy is en fuego right now when it comes to gambling and lets just hope it last.

I have a confession though and hand up this is my bad and I apologize to my fellow Branders here…I failed to realize that I was on a complete heater during the 1pm games last week and failed to mention to my fellow Branders that Walsh was hot and to hop in on my picks. Like I said, hand up that’s on me that’s my bad it won’t happen again.

So lets keep this hot streak going here people were onto week 3!!


Thursday, September 24th:


8:20pm|NFL| Miami Dolphins(0-2) @ Jacksonville Jaguars(1-1)Jaguars


Sunday, September 27th:


1:00pm|CBS| Cincinnati Bengals(0-2) @ Philadelphia Eagles(0-2)-Eagles

1:00pm|FOX| Chicago Bears(2-0) @ Atlanta Falcons(0-2)-Falcons

1:00pm|FOX| Los Angeles Rams(2-0) @ Buffalo Bills(2-0)Bills

1:00pm|FOX| Washington Football Team(1-1) @ Cleveland Browns(1-1)Browns

1:00pm|CBS| Tennessee Titans(2-0) @ Minnesota Vikings(0-2)Vikings

1:00pm|CBS| Las Vegas Raiders(2-0) @ New England Patriots(1-1)Patriots

1:00pm|FOX| San Francisco 49ers(1-1) @ New York Giants(0-2)Giants

1:00pm|CBS| Houston Texans(0-2) @ Pittsburgh Steelers(2-0)Steelers

4:05pm|CBS| New York Jets(0-2) @ Indianapolis Colts(1-1)Colts

4:05pm|CBS| Carolina Panthers(0-2) @ Los Angeles Chargers(1-1)Chargers

4:25pm|FOX| Tampa Bay Buccaneers(1-1) @ Denver Broncos(0-2)Buccaneers

4:25pm|FOX| Detroit Lions(0-2) @ Arizona Cardinals(2-0)-Lions

4:25pm|FOX| Dallas Cowboys(1-1) @ Seattle Seahawks(2-0)Seahawks

8:20pm|NBC| Green Bay Packers(2-0) @ New Orleans Saints(1-1)-Packers


Monday September 28th:


8:15pm|ESPN| Kansas City Chiefs(2-0) @ Baltimore Ravens(2-0)Ravens


Overall Record(23-9)


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