Video: Allen Iverson Calling Out Haters On “All The Smoke”

Allen Iverson was holding back no punches here besides the actual name of the person who he has a mutual hate for. I literally cracked up when he said you hate me? Well I hate you too motha fucka. Lol. AI is as real as they come.

There’s speculation of who the person is that AI is talking about. Many thought it was Skip Bayless, but Iverson denies it by saying he’s got mad love for Skip. How i don’t know cause that dude stinks, but he gets crossed off the list of potential people.

The other was I thinking about was Jason Whitlock, who I think almost the whole sports community can’t stand. Whitlock is known for talking a lot of shit on Iverson. He always talks about how AI ruined the culture of basketball, and that he was no good for the NBA regardless of how good he was. Sure seems to me that Iverson could be talking about Whitlock. I need to find out immediately who he really was talking about and see if this will become and on going debacle.

Featured Image: bleacher report

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