The Carson Wentz Takes Have Hit Rock Bottom


If you thought Damien Woody comparing Carson Wentz to James Winston was the worst take you were going to see this week, think again!

I mean, Colin’s just gotta be appeasing to Joey Mulinaro at this point with the backwards hat belief, right? There is no way he can actually still be dying in this hat hill. But, even as an Eagles fan you can admit, it as laugh out loud funny when Colin turned that hat and pretended he didn’t know what a Bank of America was.
Poor Carson. He’s really been through the ringer this week. Granted, he’s been BAD and the team is 0-2. When the record looks the way it does, the blame almost always falls at the foot of the quarterback.
But now he’s North Dakota Jameis Winston and wears hats the wrong way? Classic “when it rains it pours” situation. This team and this quarterback need a win so badly.
They’ll be without Jalen Reagor this week and Van Jefferson was there in the 2nd round. But anytime you can take a gimmick back-up quarterback that people are calling for two weeks in, you gotta do it!
Here’s hoping Carson balls out, Birds win, Carson does the post game presser in a backwards hat. Then gets a Lids sponsorship and goes everywhere in backwards hats, even his daughters Christening.
We believe in you, Carson. No matter what direction your hat is facing.
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