Say It With Me Everyone. Let’s Go Braves

Aka, every game from here on out is huge, starting tonight with the Braves vs Marlins. If you would have told me the Phillies would be chasing the Marlins at the end of the season I would have said you’re crazy but 2020 is a real son of a bitch huh.

Now we are rooting for the Braves tonight to fry the fish. Here are the starters tale of the tape:

Last game Anderson got rocked by the Mets for 3 runs in 4 innings. Not ideal. But a 2.36 ERA is still very impressive. What we are really hoping for is Lopez to come out and be the same guy we saw last time he pitched against the Braves. He pitched a wild 1.2 innings, gave up 7 earned and was part of that insane 29-9 slaughtering.

Marlins get smoked tonight, Phillies are tied without having to play a game. Then we worry about the Rays series this weekend. Fingers crossed the Rays are so happy with their AL East crown that they rest some starters the last game or two. They are currently 2 up on the A’s for top seed in the league. If they can lock up that top spot they won’t have anything to play for this weekend.

Feed us the Lazy Rays so we can sneak into the playoffs. Snake it till you make it.

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