James Harden And Mike D’Antoni Could Be On Their Way To Philly Together

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Say what now? Listen, I don’t want D’Antoni. I think he is one of the greatest regular season coaches and the worst playoff coach of all time. Guy just can’t get it done when it’s crunch time. So I don’t love the idea of bringing him to a team that fails in the postseason. Go get Pop.

And James Harden is also a big time playoff bust normally buuuuuutttt, I’d rather Harden than not Harden. This team needs some type of top tier scorer. I mean Jimmy Butler seems like the perfect fit but whatever. I’ve seen the guy get fat and lazy every year in the playoffs but I can sell myself on him.

The question is, what do they trade? Ben? Embiid? Tobias (please)?

The Sixers are going to break my heart no matter what so whatever, bring on Harden.

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