I’d Be Worried Lakers Fans

Intern Mitch

Surprised this isn’t a hockey article, but the Flyers and Avs aren’t doing much. Game 1 of the western conference looked like what I thought it would, some flashes of brilliancy from the Nuggets, but it still had that Varsity vs Junior Varsity feeling. Game two was intense, and honestly could have easily gone to the Nuggets. Now Game 3? It honestly looked all Nuggets all the way and the Lakers looked tired, like that they are older and just cant keep up with the younger Nuggets players. I am not calling the Lakers an old team, but you know what I mean.

It looked liked to little to late for me in the 4th, and honestly I am just getting into basketball but even I could tell the Lakers were not winning that game. Another thing to worry Lakers fans is the full blow steam charged emergence of Jamal Murray as an elite player. We saw Steph Curry have a similar break out postseason in 2013 and he only put 44 against San Antonio and we have now seen Jamal Murray put up 50, two times now.

Nikola Jokic Pass Of The Season? | NBA.com

The Nuggets have seemingly been playing with their backs against the wall for the entirety of their time in Orlando. Coming back up from 3-1 twice, and are the first in NBA history to do it. Not putting all of the success on Jamal Murray, Grant and Jokic have been studs for the Nuggets in their last 15 games. It would also be a crime if I did not bring up MPJ. Jamal’s 28 points isn’t eye catching, but when you put it in the basket when it counts and get the win. Does it really matter?

Just watch this move, my god, stunned and ice the Lakers. It really is the Lakers series to loose here. The Nuggets beat two teams in Games 7s they honestly probably shouldn’t have even been in. They already ruined a all Los Angeles final, and a Lakers sweep, why not ruin their whole damn season? I think the Nuggets could do it, they are playing with found money, and don’t seem to be ready to go home just yet.

You have to worry that the Lakers maybe underestimating the Nuggets, taking their foots off of the pedal for a bit, thinking they can just win playing half effort. I know that we are just getting to Game 4 tonight but man, 114-106 doesn’t seem like a big deficit. But, if you are a team like the Lakers are supposed to be, id expect them to be down by two threes at least in a loss.

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I could be dead wrong, and the Lakers could ice this in 5, but right now its looking like the Nuggets might be able to beat the Lakers in this series off of shock and awe alone. I really don’t think the Lakers will be able to contain Murray and Jokic at the same time in this series, and possibly need to try and run it up as much as they can when on of them is off of the court.

Game 4 is tonight, and you better believe I am watching. I really do think the Nuggets could stun the Lakers and basketball with a series tying win tonight. Every game from now on is 100% must win for the Nuggets, in a series where it is the Lakers to loose.

I’d love to see some sad Lebron memes.

-Branded Mitch

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