The Gang And Deadpool Buy A Soccer Team?

Well chalk this up to things I never thought I’d see…Deadpool and Mac look to be teaming up to buy a soccer team. According to it has officially been confirmed that Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have put in a bid to buy Wrexham Association Football Club.

I’d be lying if I said I knew anything about this Wrexham team or how this sale process would even work. That doesn’t matter though, the important thing here is that we are getting duo of Mac and Deadpool teaming up. It’s the crossover I never knew I needed until now.

This could easily have been an episode of It’s Always Sunny but nope this is real people and there is probably a pretty good chance that these guys end up winning the bid to become the owners and I am here for it. Another thing with this news coming out, I had no clue that Reynolds and McElhenney were like this close of buddies to want to invest a shit ton of money together into a soccer team.


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